The Lodge’s beach is a relaxing place to escape and every bungalow has its own access to it. Wake up with a morning lap, take in the sun on hammocks and cool down in the water to escape the tropical heat. The beach has over-water swinging chairs, kayaks and stand-up paddleboards which guests are welcome to access at any time.

The area surrounding Matevulu Lodge is very unique with little islands, reefs and two of Santo’s famous Blueholes : Riri and Matevulu Bluehole. These blueholes can be easily accessed by walking from the Lodge (30min) but the best option to explore them is to kayak up their pristine river. Riri Bluehole being at 30min kayaking from the Lodge / Matevulu Bluehole at 1h kayaking. An unforgettable experience!

You can also use our kayaks in the Bay, go exploring around the islands, look for the WWII plane wreck or watch the sunset from the sea.

Looking for snorkeling options, you can explore the different coral stones in the bay directly from the beach of the Lodge itself. Or we can arrange for one of the local taxi boats to pick you up and take you to the islands of Mavea or Aese. Or book a tour to Dany Island, one of the only surf spot in Santo with a very nice swell rolling over the reef.


Espiritu Santo will easily take your breath away, between world renowned wrecks scubadiving to beautiful bush hikes, cave water adventures to postcard beaches, wild animal encounters to pristine Blueholes.

Santo is also famous for its numerous beaches, all mostly along the East Coast. You can book a day trip and stop at different point of interests to finish at the northern beaches of Lonnoc or Port-Olry with a fresh lobster and refreshing turquoise waters. Or why not rent a 4WD and go exploring the southern road, passing along rivers, black sand and pebble stone beaches, hidden waterfalls and canoe trips to islands.

You can also book a tours with local guides :

  • WWII wreck scubadiving such as “The Coolidge”
  • Millenium Cave
  • Mount Hope river descent
  • Fishing
  • Snorkeling and dugong spotting
  • Horseriding
  • Cultural tours

Of course, Vanuatu has so much more to offer with 83 islands, each with a very unique environment and colorful culture. So why not, stay longer and book a trip from Santo to one of these islands for example :

  • Pentecost and the breathtaking land diving Nagol Ceremony
  • Ambrym and the dark Rom dancing
  • Rah, its pristine lagoon and the Snake Dance
  • Ureparapara, where few people go and the untouched Reef islands
  • Ambae, the island of waterfalls
  • Gaua, the highest waterfall in Vanuatu and its active volcano over a lake
  • Tanna and the most accessible volcano in the world, lava guaranteed !